Inspection Team of the Autonomous Region Came to Supervise and Examine the Implementation of Ideological Responsibility System in IMU

On the afternoon of May 12th, Qiao Jiandong, team leader of the inspection team and Vice Directer of Party Committee Publicity Department in the Autonomous Region, led a group of four people to carry on the specific inspection about the implementation of ideological responsibility system. The inspection report-back meeting was held in Conference Room NO.6 of the Academic Conference Center in our school. Secretary Zhu Bingwen, vice president Tie Yong, the stewards of the relevant departments, some secretaries of Party General Branch and the deans of some colleges attended the meeting.

Secretary Zhu reported the overall situation of ideological work in recent years, analyzed the problems and proposed the next procedures and measures at the meeting.

 After the report-back meeting, the inspection team and relevant stewards conducted a communication discussion. And after consulting the relevant information of the ideological work in Conference Room No.5 of the Academic Conference Center, the inspection team investigated successively “The Voice of Youth·the Banner of IMU” Operation Center, “Taoli Seminar” and the Library of Mongolian Ancient Books Exhibition. They also visited the picture exhibition of the young students’ ideological and political guide-“Light the Dream in the North Border of China”.

After the report and investigation, the inspection team expressed that the Party Committee of IMU attached great importance to ideological work and implemented the ideological responsibility system and measures in specific place. What is particularly worthy of affirmation is that IMU solved the problem realistically, following the law of education and teaching, exploring innovative measures. It met the demands of contemporary university students, played a role of guidance for the ideology and provided an effective guarantee of basic task of cultivating talents with good virtues.


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