IMU Held her 7th Teachers’ Representatives Congress (1st Session of the 10th Labour Union Representative Meeting)

On the morning of May 14th, 7th Teachers’ Representatives Congress (1st Session of the 10th Labour Union Representative Meeting) was solemnly open in Conference Room No.9 of Academic Conference Center.

Vice president Zhang Jiwei presided over the opening ceremony.

Aomuge, Chairman of the Labour Union for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Regional Education, Science, Culture, Arts and Sports, attended the opening ceremony with specially invited delegates of old school leaders, senior comrades, model workers, representatives of NPC, CPPCC members and democratic parties from IMU.

Vice president Zhang Jiwei declared the Meeting open at 8:30 a.m..

Then, Chairman Aomuge made a speech.

 President Chen Guoqing, deputy secretary of the school Party Committee, on the behalf of IMU presented a work report entitled “Consolidating the Foundation, Keeping Cultural Inheritance and Innovation, and Making Efforts to Create a New ‘Double First’ Environment”.

On the morning and afternoon of May 14th , all delegates were grouped for discussion. The school leaders listened attentively to their discussions. In the group discussion, delegates generally agreed that the school staff congress and annual meeting can provide wide opportunities to promote IMU’s institutionalization and standardization, and it’s a good form to advance the school democratic management process, conducive to the school development. President Chen’s work report comprehensively and objectively summarizes IMU’s work since 2015, clearly put forward the ideas and key points of the work in the year of 2017, and the report is objective, pragmatic, clear, well-positioned, comprehensive, directive and operable.

Delegates serious discussed IMU’s Financial Report, Work Statement of the Teacher’s Representative Committee and Labour Union, Labour Union’s Financial Report and the Work Report for Proposal Review. Based on the actual work of their respective departments, they offered advice and suggestions about teaching, scientific research, personnel training, discipline construction, talent introduction, student work, logistics management, teachers’ morality and style construction and naming roads and buildings and so forth.

In the afternoon, the closing ceremony was held at Conference Room No.9 of Academic Conference Center.

Vice president Tie Tong chaired the ceremony.

At the conference, delegates voted to supplement Su Zhenrong and Liu Yinliang as executive committee members of the Committee as well as Liu Yinliang and Song Wei as members of the 10th Labour Union Committee. It passed the “Resolution Draft on the Work Report of 7th Teachers’ Representatives Congress (3rd Session of the 10th Labour Union Representative Meeting)”; It also passed “Resolution Draft on the Work Statement of the Teacher’s Representative Committee and Labour Union of 7th Teachers’ Representatives Congress (3rd Session of the 10th Labour Union Representative Meeting”.

At the closing ceremony, Zhu Bingwen, Secretary of the school Party Committee, delivered an important speech. He pointed out that this was a significant conference under the background of IMU’s further advancement on the construction of “Double First”, “One Province, One University” Project and 13th five-year plan. During the conference, delegates, with full political enthusiasm and rigorous working attitude, earnestly performed their duties and actively made recommendations, including many constructive opinions and suggestions as well as wise ideas and thoughts, which reflected faculty’s firm belief to construct the first-rate university and subjects and delegates ‘sense of ownership for the responsibility for the development of our university. The conference achieved great success with full democracy and favorable mood, which played an important role in forging consensus and confidence for the university.

At last, Secretary Zhu stressed that we need to unite and mobilize the staff, lift up their spirits, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties and blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit. We also need to comprehensively advance the reforms and development of the university, and strive to achieve all the annual tasks. Thus, we can compose the glorious chapter that belongs to Inner Mongolia University with solid working style and excellent academic performance.

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